Shipping Policy

Following the rules and guidelines of the shipping policy:

It usually takes 7-10 business days for any product to get delivered.

If customers buy essentials in bulk, it will come directly under the vigilance of the production house. The timing of shipping and delivery of the same may also vary depending on the size, quantity, and other weighing measures.

The shipment time varies from place to place. Usually, the metro and capital cities are where the production house or storehouse of products is set up. So, the delivery in these areas and nearby areas takes less time than in other areas.

There may be some delay depending upon restrictions, traffic, or other instant and unavoidable situations that may arise.

For international orders, costs an extra amount added as delivery and shipment charges. Although no extra shipping charges are made on orders made in bulk, a maximum of the orders are included for paying an extra amount.

The international shipment usually takes 1 week to 2.5 weeks for delivery. Delivery via the superfast delivery parties is also available. Customers can choose the way of shipment based on their convenience.