Return & Refund

The refund and return policies mentioned below will only apply to products purchased via the company's website.

The return of any product must have the following criteria, which will then be eligible for that return of that product. The criteria are-

  • After delivery in 24 hours you need to mail what the issue with product is at and then you can ship the product in next 24 hours.
  • The product's price tag and barcode tag must either be intact to the item or present with the item.
  • It must not be washed, altered, or damaged at any cost.
  • After scrutinizing the product, the final decision is in the hands of the company to decide whether the product is eligible for return.
  • The company holds the right to reject or accept any product for return or exchange.

The refund policy is applicable only on damaged products, not true to the picture displayed on our website or with size and quality issues. The refund can be claimed in various ways depending upon the method that one followed for payment.

  1. For the ones who used credit Card/ Debit card/ Net banking or Paypal transactions-
    1. Since the charge on your credit card or account was already made when you completed the purchase and authorized the payment online, we will provide a refund in the form of the original payment method.
    2. Once a refund request has been successfully initiated from our end, banks typically need 4-5 business days to complete it.
  2. For the ones who paid during the delivery(COD) Transactions-
    1. Within 7-8 business days, refunds will be handled for bank accounts.
    2. Refunds cannot be handled to accounts at other banks. The consumer who requests the return must have the same name as the person who holds the bank account.
    3. For COD orders, cash refunds are not permitted.
    4. Refunds will start once we've received the returned package. Therefore, refunds will only be given if a client self-ships the item(s) and if it gets lost in transit refunds will not be permitted.
  3. In the case of international shipments, no refunds will be given if:
    1. The delivery address is incomplete or obsolete.
    2. After the courier's three failed delivery attempts.
    3. The addressee rejected the package.